Gerry Turner is the first “Golden Bachelor”, an ABC spin-off show coming soon!

ABC is launching a spinoff of the popular show “The Bachelor.”

Gerry Turner is the first “Golden Bachelor.” The show will explore a love story for the golden years.”

Turner will be looking for love among a group of eligible women 65 years and older.

… A retired restaurateur, 71 year old Turner lives on a lake in Indiana. He was married 43 years to his high school sweetheart, Toni, who suddenly fell ill and died in 2017. He is the father to two daughters and grandfather to two granddaughters. He says, “I’d love it if I found a partner who is high-energy. Someone who maybe plays pickleball; someone who maybe plays golf.”

The series will premiere this fall on ABC and next-day on Hulu.

Whew! I was afraid they were only going to bring him candidates that were 30-40 years old, because it’s Hollywood ya know!

Susan Saunders 7/18/23