Beyoncé Says ‘Act II,’ Will Drop In March

Beyonce is going country in this second act of Renaissance

(Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records)

The sudden release of two new singles by Beyoncé confirms the long-held fan idea that Renaissance: Act II will be a country album.

Renaissance: Act II was revealed in a multi-layered Verizon Super Bowl ad by the megastar. It features Beyoncé and the network’s renowned “Can You Hear Me Now” tech trying various methods to “break the internet.” The commercial finishes with Beyoncé blasting off to space as a fictitious news presenter reveals her plans to perform from space. In the last seconds of the clip, Bey adds, “Okay, they ready, drop the new music.”

She released a Texas-themed trailer for the March 29 project shortly after the ad aired. Her songs, “Texas Hold’em” and “16 Carriages,” are entries into her country-girl era.

Lets take a listen/look together shall we?

And there is one more!

Now we are understanding the Grammys outfit of a Stetson and a cowboy-inspired suit designed for Louis Vuitton by Pharrell Williams.

I’m looking forward to this album, but can’t help wonder after first house/disco and now county, what direction will Renaissance Act III someday go?

Susan Saunders 2/13/24