The ‘Golden Bachelorette’ Revealed

The Golden Bachelorette premieres on ABC this fall

ABC has revealed its Golden Bachelorette, and it’s 61-year-old Joan Vassos!

We first met Vassos when she was a contestant on The Golden Bachelor with Gerry Turner. Despite leaving the show early to tend to her daughter’s medical emergency, Vassos has now been given the chance to find love on her terms.

Widowed after 32 years of marriage, this school administrator from Rockland, Maryland, enjoys listening to Elton John, spending time with her furry friend, and whipping up delicious meals.

Joan is a mother of four and grandmother to two grandkids. She loves listening to Elton John, spending time with her dogs, and cooking.

EVERY bachelor and bachelorette ends up crying during the show at some point, and we already know Joan is pretty crier! See the proof below, as she says goodbye to Gerry during the OG GB.

Susan Saunders 5/15/24